Hamilton House, South Berwick, Maine

Performed a custom wedding ceremony with a Jewish theme for a wonderful couple at the Hamilton House on Sunday afternoon. I also coordinated the rehearsal the day before. Sunday was a warm day, but there was a great breeze that kept everyone cool! This ceremony featured the Seven Blessings. It is customary in Jewish ceremonies to bestow upon the couple seven blessings. I’ve included the blessings below. Color was olive green. All the best Adin & Kimberly! Here are the seven blessings…

May your marriage enrich your lives.

May you work together to build a relationship of substance and quality.

May the honesty of your communication build a foundation of understanding, connection, and trust.

May you respect each other’s individual personality and philosophy, and give each other room to grow and fulfill each other’s dreams.

May your sense of humor and playful spirit enliven your relationship.

May you understand that neither of you is perfect – you are both subject to human frailties, and allow your love to strengthen you when you fall short of each other’s expectations.

And may you be best friends, better together than either of you are apart…