Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse

This was an experience! Now, I performed a wedding ceremony at the top of the Rear Range Light in Newburyport earlier this year, but that was inside the cabin at the top, so I figured this would be about the same thing. Not so much… My couple wanted to get married at the top, outside, on the deck. And, the railing up there is kind of sparse, and it was windy. On top of all that, I’m not that fond of heights. So, this was probably the scariest (for me) ceremony I’ve ever had to perform. Nevertheless, like the postman, nothing stops me on my appointed rounds! Anything for my couples! (well, almost anything…) This was a beautiful, spiritual ceremony. The couple wrote their own vows. And you could almost feel the spirit of God present in the moment. They had come from Virginia, and chosen this unique spot in New Hampshire to begin their life together. This ceremony also featured probably the most precarious ring situation I’ve ever had the pleasure of participating in. Briefly, if either of the rings were dropped, they would have rolled off the deck, and fallen to the rocks below, most likely never to have been found again. And yes, it was my responsibility to hand the rings to the couple during the ceremony. Thanks Will & Tamara, for probably the most exciting wedding ceremony experience I’ve ever had. And best wishes to you!

Kingston VFW

The Kingston VFW is right on Route 125 in Kingston, NH, but someone better tell Google and my GPS, because neither was able to get me there Saturday. And, unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one who had a problem finding it – so did some of the guests. As a result of those guests not arriving on time, the ceremony started a little late. As an aside, when I stopped to ask for directions along the way, the person I asked just happened to be a bridesmaid from one of the ceremonies I had performed the day before. What were the odds of that? Despite the late start, it was a wonderful, sweet wedding ceremony. Best wishes to Cindy & Jason!

Great Island Common

Great Island Common in New Castle has to be one of my favorite places to perform ceremonies, and I’m doing a lot there this year, so you’ll see a lot of posts about it. Did one this past Saturday. It was a beautiful day, and the Common was about as crowded as I’ve ever seen it – and, as is usually the case, it was still not all that crowded. The ceremony was spiritual in nature, and featured the Lord’s Prayer. Best to Jack & Tracy!

Three Chimneys Inn

Performed two ceremonies at Three Chimneys Inn in Durham, NH this past weekend – one in the Upper Garden, the other in the Lower Garden. One featured a Sand Ceremony, while the other featured a Unity Candle Ceremony with the Parents involved. Both were great ceremonies. Mother Nature behaved herself, and provided light winds for the Unity Candle lighting. Only glitch… one of the honor attendants forgot the ring – luckily, she realized it just before the ceremony officially started, and I was able to call a quick time out while the Best Man retrieved it. All’s well that end well! Congrats to Emma & Ryan and Courtney & Brandon!

Steve & Robynne

Performed a ceremony in Goffstown, NH this past Sunday. The couple came in from San Diego to be with their family and friends. Congrats Robynne & Steve!

Cape Neddick Beach

What a beautiful evening for a beach wedding on Saturday! The couple drew a large heart in the sand, and I performed the marriage as they stood in the heart. They also had a trellis transported to the beach. The groom’s son played guitar music for the prelude. The tide was coming in and, if we had started the ceremony much later, it would have impeded upon the ceremony site. Luckily, we finished in time and we all stayed dry! This was a great site for a ceremony. It’s located just across the bridge from  the Lobster Pound Harborside Restaurant in York, Maine. The groom is familiar with the area and said it is rarely crowded there, which makes it an ideal site for a wedding. Best Wishes to Richard & Karen!


Performed a ceremony at Castleton in Windham, NH Friday. Also helped with the rehearsal the evening before. It was a beautiful evening, and you can’t beat the view of Cobbetts Pond from the ceremony site. Congrats Jeremy & Ashley!

Tracy & HK

Eliot, Maine was the site of a mid-afternoon wedding I performed this past Saturday. Home was on the water, and it was a perfect day and location for the ceremony. Found out that my wife worked with the wife of the Best Man. Best to HK & Tracy!

Troy & Freda

Married a couple in a ceremony at a Candia, NH home on Saturday afternoon. Weather was great. I saw the bride about 15 minutes before the ceremony, and she was not even dressed at that point. I thought the ceremony would start late for sure. But she was determined to start on time, and changed into her wedding dress about as fast as I have ever seen a bride do it. And she looked fantastic! Never bet against a determined bride! Congrats Freda & Troy!

Samantha & Daniel

Performed a great ceremony at a Kingston, NH Home on Saturday. One of the main colors was Cherry Red and, of course, I wore a tie to match! Best Wishes Samantha & Daniel!