McDonnell Conservation Area, Exeter

Presided over a quick elopement ceremony for a fantastic couple at the Conservation Area this morning. This couple had been previously married and divorced many years ago, and are now re-tying the knot. Great story. Best Wishes Stan & Penny!

Candia Woods, Candia, NH

Performed a Classic Spiritual Ceremony for a great couple at the Golf Club on Sunday at noon. Colors were black and mango orange. Best of Luck, Sean & Rosarin!

Hamilton House, South Berwick, Maine

Performed a Classic Spiritual Ceremony for a wonderful couple at the historic Hamilton House late Saturday afternoon. The ceremony was held at a beautiful location overlooking the Salmon Falls River in the shadow of the picturesque mansion. Colors were navy, white, and blush pink. As an aside, Channel 5 meteorologist Harvey Leonard was there, and, being a bit of a weather buff myself, I was excited to meet him and have him in attendance at one of my ceremonies! Congratulations Nicole & Gregory!

Rye Harbor State Park

The front had passed and the rain and humidity had been swept to sea when I performed a Classic Spiritual Wedding Ceremony for a great couple at the State Park on Saturday. This was a more laid-back, informal wedding that was followed up by a clam-bake. The couple did a great job of writing their own vows and all went smoothly. Colors were slate blue and off-white. Congrats Dan & Carrie!

Hampton Beach State Park

Coordinated the rehearsal and performed a Classic Wedding Ceremony for a nice couple at the State Park this past Friday and Saturday. The ceremony was held down by the ocean in a great semi-private area. All the best Michael & Alyssa!

Portsmouth Country Club

Had a busy weekend this past Thursday – Saturday. It started with a rehearsal and wedding at the Country Club where I performed a custom ceremony for a nice couple that included a reading called “A Vow” and a family & friend group photo at the end. Colors were blush, steel blue, navy blue, and gold. Best Wishes Sandi & Chris!

Seashell Oceanfront Pavilion, Hampton Beach

It was a great day for a wedding this past Saturday in Hampton where I performed a Classic Wedding Ceremony for a nice couple that included a Sand Ceremony with the couple’s children. Colors were teal and light blue. Best Wishes James & Marie!


The McDonnell Conservation Area is located on the banks of the Exeter River, and is a great place for a small wedding. I’m finding myself performing ceremonies there for many of the couples who contact me and who want to be married outdoors in Exeter. And so it was for a lovely couple last Sunday morning the 11th, as I performed a spiritual ceremony for them on a beautiful day overlooking the river. All the Best Marina & Sean!

Plaistow, NH

Performed a quick elopement ceremony for a wonderful couple at their home in Plaistow on Sunday the 11th. Despite being in their own driveway, the Groom, very romantically, drove an antique car up to the front door and picked up his Bride. They drove down to an arbor set up in their yard to where I was standing, and I wed them. Best wishes Neil & Wanda!