Granite Rose, Hampstead, NH

Performed a custom ceremony for a great couple at the Rose on Sunday evening. The ceremony featured Anniversary Box and Butterfly Release rituals as well as personal vows. Colors were dust blue, gray, eucalyptus, and rose. Congrats Jeremy & Sara!

Wedgewood Granite Rose, Hampstead, NH

My final wedding of the weekend took place Sunday evening at the Granite Rose. The couple chose a Summer Themed Wedding Ceremony and added a ring presentation for their son. The flower girls were adorable, and they laid down about the most perfect carpet of roses in front of the bride I’ve ever seen! About 50 were in attendance. The weather was warm and a bit humid. Colors were sky blue and dark green. All the best Eric & Meaghan!

Great Island Common, New Castle, NH

Sunday’s first wedding was at New Castle Common. I read a poem special to the couple from the 13th-century poet and mystic Rumi. About 25 were in attendance. Although the day was warm and humid inland, the Common was cooled off by a nice southeast wind, which is often the case here in the summer. Best of luck Gordon & Stevie!

Exeter, NH

Later that Saturday, I presided over a Lite Wedding Ceremony for a very nice couple at the Conservation Area. About 10 were in attendance. Some “lovebirds” were also in attendance, as most of the guys there had an artificial bird on their shoulders or hats! Best wishes Matt & Emily!

Epping, NH

My weekend continued with a Classic Wedding Ceremony early Saturday afternoon for a fantastic couple at their residence in Epping. About 20 were in attendance. Color was purple. Congrats Keith & Hannah!

Exeter, NH

Had a very busy weekend for a “retired” person. Started with a brief elopement ceremony for a cute couple at the McDonnell Conservation Area. All the best D & K!

Wedgewood Granite Rose, Hampstead, NH

Performed a Classic Wedding Ceremony for a great couple at the Rose on Monday afternoon. About 80 were in attendance. The couple created their own vows. Colors were black and royal blue. Best wishes Pete & Mellisa!

Exeter, NH

Presided over a Lite Wedding Ceremony for a wonderful couple at the conservation area on Sunday morning. Their son was in attendance and taking the photos! All the Best Gary & Joanne!

Hoyt’s Lodges, Rye, NH

Presided over a Lite Wedding Ceremony for a great couple in Rye on Sunday afternoon. A couple of guests attended. The weather was fabulous! All the best B & M!