Rivermill, Dover, NH

Attended a wedding and pronounced a couple married at the Rivermill on Saturday. The couple had a good friend perform the ceremony and needed an officiant to make it official. Best wishes Mark & Lisa!

Great Island Common, New Castle, NH

Married a nice couple in New Castle this past Friday. The couple was accompanied by their children and, although it was a very cold day, family love kept them warm! A Christian themed Wedding Ceremony was performed. Color was maroon. All the Best Kelly & Brian!

Wedding Room, Exeter, NH

Presided over a Lite Ceremony for a delightful couple Monday afternoon in my small wedding room in Exeter. The couple was accompanied by a handful of relatives. Congratulations Nona & Paata!

Federal Cigar, Dover, NH

Presided over a Lite Wedding Ceremony for a great couple at the Federal Cigar Bar in Dover last Thursday. This was the first time I’d been there, and it was kind of cool as I had never performed a ceremony in a smoky cigar bar before! All shouted “mazel tov!” as the groom broke a glass at the end of the ceremony. Best Wishes Hannah & Robert!