North Hampton

Married a great couple with a Classic Spiritual Wedding Ceremony at their home in North Hampton yesterday. Stuck around to take some photos after the ceremony. The color was gold. Best wishes J & A!

Granite Rose, Hampstead, NH

Married a wonderful couple with a Classic Wedding Ceremony this past Thursday at the Rose. About 100 attended. One of the great things about this ceremony was the Unity Shot Ritual. I’ve done over a thousand weddings and, although I’ve done many Unity Rituals (candles, sand, etc.), I’ve never had a couple use a rum shot. Wine, yes, beer, yes, but a shot of rum – never. It was very cool, and the guests really enjoyed it! The weather was great. The colors were navy blue, mauve, and tan. Congrats Andy & Shanice!

Granite Rose, Hampstead, NH

Presided over a Classic Wedding Ceremony for a wonderful couple at The Rose on Monday afternoon in front of about 40 guests. After the ceremony, the groom’s mom & dad spoke with me and reminded me that I had DJ’ed (yes, I was a DJ in a former life) their wedding ceremony back in 1999! That was quite a pleasant surprise. They also mentioned that I had done a fantastic job, which made our reunion even better! Unfortunately, the wedding had to be performed indoors because of rain, but it was an enjoyable ceremony regardless. Colors were maroon, burnt orange, dark green, dark blue, and beige. Best wishes Michael & Rhiannon!

Plum Island, Newburyport, MA

Performed a Classic Spiritual Wedding Ceremony for a fantastic couple at their home on Plum Island this past Saturday. About 30 guests were in attendance. There was one uninvited guest who attended – Hurricane Lee! But the wedding ceremony went off without a hitch as Lee was far enough away and the ceremony took place late enough in the day so the rain and wind weren’t that much of an issue. The couple recited their own vows. Color was white. All the best Joe & Marilyn!

Wedgewood Granite Rose, Hampstead, NH

Married a terrific couple with a custom wedding ceremony created by the bride and groom at the Granite Rose last Thursday. The weather was great. The couple recited their own personal vows, and the colors were emerald green & gold. Best Wishes Matthew & Natasha!