Ale House Inn, Portsmouth, NH

Performed a Classic Single-Ring Spiritual Wedding Ceremony for a lovely couple at the Ale House yesterday. They were accompanied by a couple of good friends who did the ring and bouquet duties. The desk receptionist was kind enough to take photos of the proceedings! Color was red. Best Wishes, Jack & Carol!

Mombo, Portsmouth, NH

Had the pleasure of performing my first wedding at the Mombo last Saturday. This is a great little restaurant and the perfect place for a wedding ceremony. When I first arrived, the power was out (due to weather conditions) but it came back on about 5 minutes afterward. The Custom Wedding Ceremony created by the couple was a delight to perform and went very smoothly. It featured a couple of readings – one by the Groom’s grandmother and the second by the Bride’s brother. The ceremony also included a Community Affirmation where the guests pledged to support the couple in their marriage. Here are the words to the Affirmation:

Celebrant: Friends and family, you occupy an important place in this couple’s lives.

It is in your company that these two have learned the lessons of friendship, of the tremendous act of giving one’s love to another, and they ask your blessing, as well, over their marriage.

Now that their life is entering a new phase, your role will be different, but not diminished.

And so on this, their wedding day, Siobhan and Geoffry ask you to remain steadfast, reaching out to them in times of trouble, helping them to celebrate their achievements and their joys.

Wherever your own destiny may carry you, we ask that you continue to include them in your lives.

If you will do this, please answer “We will.”

Guests: We will!

No special colors for this ceremony, but there was certainly a festive holiday atmosphere! Congratulations, Geoffry & Siobhan!


Buckley’s Great Steaks, Merrimack, NH

Performed a Classic Ceremony for a great couple at Buckley’s Great Steaks on the Saturday before Christmas. Never did one here before. The couple had a small rustic room for their ceremony, and it was very nicely decorated for the holidays. The Flower Girl was cute as a button! Color was maroon. Best Wishes Jeff & Kim!


Presided over a quick elopement ceremony on the banks of the Exeter River last Thursday. Best Wishes, Cassy & Shawn!

Exeter, NH

Presided over an elopement at the McDonnell Conservation Area yesterday. The place where we do ceremonies is snowcovered, but the river is still flowing and not yet frozen. Congrats, Cassy & Shawn!

Exeter, NH

Presided over a quick elopement ceremony on the bank of the Exeter River on Wednesday. It was really cold and the ground was snow covered, but the setting was beautiful with the water rushing by the snow-covered trees. Congratulations, Nick & Brittany!

Salem, NH

Wed a beautiful couple in a Classic Spiritual Wedding Ceremony at the groom’s parent’s home in Salem on Monday evening. The ceremony was attended by about 10 close family members. Color was red. Best Wishes Cameron & Regina!

Towns of the Month – December 2017

If you’re getting married in Portsmouth, Rye, New Castle, North Hampton, Hampton, Seabrook, Greenland, Hampton Falls, Stratham, NH; Salisbury, Newburyport, Newbury, Rowley, Ipswich, MA; or York, ME and you book our JP Services in December, the reduced fee for a completely Custom Designed Ceremony starts at the special rate of $150. Wedding Officiant attendance at wedding rehearsals is $50. For ceremonies that require the Officiant’s attendance at the rehearsal, a Professional Ceremony Coordinator is provided at either the rehearsal or ceremony at no additional charge for ceremonies with large wedding parties at venues without a wedding coordinator.