Hampton Beach

It was a beautiful day for a wedding on the beach this past Saturday. I stuck around to take some pictures of the Bride and Groom (and his sister who joined us on the beach). Congrats Lisa & Gene!

Three Chimneys Inn

Performed a ceremony here on Friday in a heavy drizzle. We didn’t let it dampen our fun though! The groom’s twin sons held the rings. I’ve asked two people for the rings during the ceremony before, but never have they been twins! First time for everything! Best wishes to Anne & Tim!

Camp Denison, Georgetown, MA

Performed and provided the music and voice amplification for a ceremony at Camp Denison this past Sunday of Columbus Day Weekend. The bridal processional was the instrumental version of “A Whiter Shade of Pale” and the recessional was “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley. The Elvis song was interesting since I had just used that same song as a recessional in a wedding I performed a couple of weeks ago. What are the chances of that? Wishing all the best to Arielle & Steven!

Redhook Brewery, Portsmouth

This was the first ceremony I’ve performed at the Redhook Brewery, and it was a doozy! It featured a couple of Shetland Sheepdogs who were (very well behaved) attendants, and the original singer of the Drifters (unfortunately I can’t remember his name) and of the 60’s hit “This Magic Moment.” The singer was a complete surprise to everyone, including the bride, the groom, and me! (although the DJ let me, the photographer, and the videographer in on it just before the ceremony began). The surprise was set up by the DJ, a friend of the couple. This is how it played out… Once the couple were up front, and the bride’s dad had given her away, the DJ started to play the instrumental version of the song “This Magic Moment” (a favorite of the bride and groom). A couple of seconds after the music began, up the aisle came the performer, singing their favorite song. The look on the couple’s faces was priceless. That was a wonderful and unique way of starting a ceremony, and the couple was thrilled! After the song, I thanked the performer, said I wasn’t sure how I could top that, and carried on with a great ceremony. All-in-all, it was wonderful ceremony, that I’m sure the bride and groom will never forget… and neither will I! Best Wishes to Aviana & Douglas!

Three Chimneys Inn

Yes, we did two at Three Chimneys on Columbus Day Weekend. This was the second. The couple did a great job creating their own ceremony which included the Irish Blessing. Congrats Jared & Shauna!

Castleton, Windham, NH

Performed a wedding here on Saturday, October 11th. It was an evening wedding with darkness descending quickly, so the smartphone lights were ready to go in case we got started past the time I could read the ceremony. We started in time though – no lights necessary! Best Wishes to Anne & Terry!

Ashworth by the Sea, Hampton, NH

The Ashworth was the site for a great ceremony on a rainy Saturday. Actually, The Ashworth was the backup site for a ceremony that was planned to be at Maudslay State park in Newburyport. The logistics for this wedding were interesting… the couple (hailing from western Canada) had chosen Maudslay as the site for their ceremony, with an indoor site of the Ashworth in case of rain. Of course, the two sites are in two different states, so the couple got a certificate of marriage from Massachusetts to be married at Maudslay and, when it began to look like rain for Saturday, they had to get another from New Hampshire to be married in New Hampshire. A little tricky, but everything worked out ok in the end. This couple’s ceremony featured an adult ring bearer, and it was the highlight of the ceremony – besides the bride’s and groom’s vows that is! Best wishes to Mike & Liza!

Bear Brook State Park

Performed a wonderful ceremony at the State Park on Saturday. The parents and bridal party had to process through the rain to the pavilion, but it wasn’t anything a few umbrellas couldn’t take care of! Congrats Jon & Amy!

Candia Woods

Did a nice wedding here on a misty day. The ceremony not only featured vows between the bride and groom, but also a special set of vows between the groom and the bride’s young daughter promising that he would care for her as his daughter for the rest of his life. You could tell the little girl was thrilled! Congrats Chris & Jessica (and Addison!)