Prescott Park, Portsmouth

Wedding number two on Saturday took place near the Trial Garden at the Park. The couple had just flown in from the Philippines for a Classic Ceremony with a few family and friends in attendance. It was touch-and-go with the rain for a while, but it ended just in time to start the ceremony. Great couple! Best Wishes Joe & Jhane!

Prescott Park, Portsmouth, NH

Was in Portsmouth at Prescott Park for two weddings back to back on Saturday. The first was before the first round of raindrops began, and the second was between the first and second round of showers. Wedding number one was on the South Pier. The bride and her party walked up an aisle runner that spanned the length of the pier. The ceremony featured words by the Bride and Groom to their children, and a gummy bear throw at the Groom by one of the kids. The bear stuck right to his suit, and he wore it for the remainder of the ceremony! Color was royal blue. Congratulations Natasha & Marcus!

Victoria Inn, Hampton, NH

Haven’t been to this place in a while, so it was a pleasure to perform a Classic Ceremony for a great couple here on Saturday. I also coordinated the rehearsal on Friday afternoon. It was really hot on Friday, so we moved quickly through the rehearsal with a very cooperative wedding party! Unfortunately, the ring bearer was under the weather for the ceremony on Saturday, so we quickly adjusted our plans, and the wedding went off without a hitch! Colors were royal blue and yellow. Best Wishes John & Alana!

Hampton, NH

The weather cleared in time for a quick wedding ceremony on the sand in Hampton today (Monday). Congratulations Kyla & Jeremy!

Raymond, NH

Presided over a quick ceremony on Governor’s Lake in Raymond on Friday. Best of luck, Sandra & Larry!

Derry NH

Performed a Classic Wedding Ceremony for a nice couple in Derry on Sunday. The ceremony took place at their home which was nicely decorated in for Independence Day. The colors of the bridesmaid’s flowers as well as the Bride’s bouquet were red, white, and blue in keeping with the holiday. Best Wishes Dan & Lana!

Three Chimneys Inn

Performed a Custom Wedding Ceremony for a great couple at the Inn Saturday. The ceremony included a ring warming. The couple’s wedding rings were tied together with a blue ribbon and passed to each of the guests to “warm” in their hands. “Warming” is a chance for the guests to offer their silent blessings, prayers, or spiritual sentiments for the couple’s marriage. Those blessings are symbolically contained in the rings the couple will wear for the rest of their lives. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful ceremony. Colors were white, navy, and yellow. Congratulations Ty & Karyn!