Opening Words for a Wedding Ceremony

Whenever people come together for a formal occasion, some words are needed to “call the meeting to order”. The Opening Words of the ceremony are what your Celebrant or Officiant will use to do this, while also stating the purpose of the gathering.

For each selection in this opening words article, we provide alternatives to match the kind of ceremony you’re looking for. For example, we provide Traditional, Modern, Religious, Spiritual, and Romantic opening words from which you can choose.

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Sand Ceremony Vessels

The Sand Ceremony holds wonderful symbolism for your big day, and it’s a great substitute for a Unity Candle Ceremony when you’re getting married outside. Here’s a quick tip: Make sure you buy a vessel with an opening large enough for both of you to pour the sand into at the same time. This is true not only for a family with children, but also for just the two of you.

I performed a ceremony once where it looked like more sand ended up on the table than in the vessel. The couple were giggling, as were some of their guests, so it ended up being a happy mess, but it was still a mess nonetheless.

If you have your heart set on a Sand Ceremony vessel with a smaller opening, make sure you use a funnel (perhaps a nice glass decanter funnel) that will direct the sand neatly into the vessel.

Here’s an example of a funnel you can use: Clear Glass Decanter Funnel

And happy pouring!

Christmas Wedding Ceremony

Just in time for Christmas, we’ve added a Wedding Ceremony that reflects the season.

Our Christmas Wedding Ceremony of Light and Love features candles (lots of candles) and includes a Christmas Unity Candle, and seasonal piano music. Vigil candles will be held by the guests throughout the vows and the exchange of the rings. Those candles will be extinguished after the Unity Candle lighting in order to give the Unity Candle more prominence both in the ceremony itself, and in the light that it radiates. This ceremony should be held in a semi-darkened room in order to symbolize the light shining through the darkness.

The words of the reading are from “The Gift”, a seasonal favorite by Jim Brickman, and the reading background music is an instrumental version of that song. Finally, in a seasonal flush, the guests will ring bells as the Bride and Groom recess down the aisle at the end of the ceremony to the song “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” – a nice lead into a cocktail hour or dinner that might feature some upbeat Christmas music.

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