Newburyport Elks

Performed a Classic Ceremony for a wonderful couple at the Newburyport Elks Saturday. The ceremony featured a Unity Candle where the tapers remained lit after the center candle was lit. Unity Candle ceremonies where the tapers remain lit emphasize the individual nature of the two people involved in the ceremony. Even though they are married, they remain separate and unique individuals each with their own unique gifts that are brought to the marriage. It’s been a while since I performed a Unity Candle ceremony with lit taper candles – and it went very well! All in all, a great wedding… congratulations Courtney & Ryan!

Fremont, NH

Presided over an elopement ceremony this past Friday for a couple at their Fremont home. Went to Fremont Pizzaria after the ceremony for a delicious pizza! Congratulations Daniel & Allicyn!

Seabrook Beach

Presided over a quick, spiritual ceremony for a great couple in front of a few family and friends on Seabrook Beach this past Friday. Best Wishes Brandon & Liz!