Prescott Park, Portsmouth, NH

Wed a wonderful couple with a Classic Spiritual Ceremony in front of the anchor by the Trial Gardens at Prescott Park on Sunday afternoon. The weather was sunny, breezy, and a bit cool – even autumnal! The couple was accompanied by a handful of family and friends. Rings were handled by their son Adrian and the bouquet was handed to their daughter Michelle. All the Best Edyta & Christopher!

Josiah’s Meetinghouse, Epping, NH

Wed a great couple in front of about 70 family and friends with a Classic Wedding Ceremony at Josiah’s Meetinghouse Saturday afternoon. The weather was perfect with sunshine and low humidity. The bride was escorted up the aisle by her uncle. Colors were bright yellow and purple. Perfect couple, perfect day! Congratulations Zac & Heather!

Exeter, NH

Presided over a Lite Wedding Ceremony for a nice couple at the McDonnell Conservation Area early Saturday afternoon. The couple had a handful of family and friends to help them celebrate! Best Wishes Sercan & Ashley!

Isle of Shoals Steamship Company, Portsmouth, NH

Wed a nice couple in a Classic Wedding Ceremony Saturday evening on the boat at the Steamship Company before they and around 80 guests departed for their cruise to the Isle of Shoals. It was a lovely evening and all were in good spirits for the wedding and the voyage! Congrats Chris & Sonya!


Presided over a short ceremony for a great couple on the banks of the Exeter River at the McDonnell Conservation Area late Saturday afternoon. The couple brought a handful of family/friends with them to witness the proceedings. All the Best Peter & Marguerite!

Fuller Gardens, North Hampton, NH

Performed a Classic Wedding Ceremony for a great couple at the Fuller Gardens on Saturday afternoon. About 30 guests were in attendance and the weather was good as we avoided the isolated showers that were in the area that day. This was my first time at Fuller Gardens, and I was very impressed with it. It’s a beautiful place for a wedding, and there are several¬†locations in the garden you can choose for your ceremony. Colors were blue and white. Congratulations Michael & Caroline!

Great Island Common, New Castle, NH

Wed two couples at New Castle Common on a beautiful Monday afternoon. The first was a Classic Wedding Ceremony for a couple with a handful of family with them. It took place at the far end of the beach down by the rocks with the lighthouse in the background. My good friend and colleague Ernie Osborne was the photographer. Congratulations Randy & Valerie!

The second was a Lite Spiritual Ceremony was for an eloping couple on the rocks at the end of the pier. All the Best Hector & Jada!

Dockside Restaurant on York Harbor, York, Maine

Wed a great couple with a¬†Classic Spiritual Wedding Ceremony at the Dockside Restaurant in York on Saturday afternoon. The ceremony included a remembrance of the Bride’s grandparents who had been married 62 years ago on their wedding day. Congratulations Ryan & Laura!

Rye Beach

Married a wonderful couple with a Jewish Theme Wedding Ceremony on Rye Beach Friday afternoon. This couple’s story was great, as they had been friends, but then lost track of each other… only to find each other again thirty years later, fall in love, and marry. And the weather was perfect – just like their story! All the Best, Barry & Lisa!