Wason Pond, Chester, NH

Performed a Classic Spiritual Wedding Ceremony for a wonderful couple at the covered bridge on Saturday afternoon. About 10 guests were in attendance. It was a cold and windy day, but the couple’s love was enough to keep them and all of us warm! Colors were dark crimson & dark blue. Best Wishes Vinnie & Alicia!

McDonnell Conservation Area

Wed a wonderful couple with a Classic Wedding Ceremony at the conservation area on Monday afternoon. A couple of guests were in attendance. Best Wishes Ben & Rita!

Dell-Lea Weddings & Events, Chichester, NH

Wed a fantastic couple with a Classic Wedding Ceremony at the Dell-Lea this past Friday afternoon. The couple created and recited their own vows to each other, as well as repeating traditional vows after me. A unique aspect of this ceremony was the Cord of the Three Strands ritual. Now, the Cord of the Three Strands is fairly common, but what this couple did in their ceremony was quite different. As the ceremony proceeded, the strands were passed from guest to guest so that each person could hold it briefly and offer their blessings and best wishes for the couple’s future. It made its way back up the front of the ceremony so that toward the end of the ceremony, the couple could braid the strands, now containing all the wishes of their guests. It was sort of like a ring warming, only using the strands instead of rings. Very cool! The ceremony was scheduled to be outside, but the weather did not cooperate with us that day, so the ceremony was held inside. Colors were earth tones, with rust, teal, and navy blue. Congratulations Jonathan & Jasmin!

Hampton Beach

Married a very nice couple in an elopement ceremony on the Beach in front of the Lady by the Sea Marine Memorial on Saturday afternoon. All the Best J & L!

Prescott Park, Portsmoth, NH

Presided over a Lite Wedding Ceremony with personalized vows for a very nice couple at The Park on Thursday afternoon. It was a little nippy, but otherwise, the weather was pleasant. About 10 family/friends were in attendance. The couple set up a nice rose-covered trellis under which the ceremony took place. Best wishes K & L!

Searles Castle, Windham, NH

Wed a wonderful couple with a Classic Wedding Ceremony at Searles Castle in front of about 200 guests. The ceremony featured custom vows. Originally, the ceremony was slated to be held outside but, unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate, so it was held in a giant tent on the grounds. Colors were navy, dark purple, and bluish-gray with pops of orange. Congratulations Jason & Sarah!

Fort Foster, Kittery Maine

Performed a Lite Wedding Ceremony for a really great couple at Fort Foster on Friday afternoon. A handful of family and friends were in attendance. The weather was beautiful! All the Best Tim & Kwan!