McDonnell Conservation Area, Exeter

So it’s official… the McDonnell Conservation Area is my new favorite place to perform outside elopement ceremonies. I’ve done several here now, and it’s just a great place for a couple (perhaps accompanied by a few of their closest family and friends) to tie the knot in an out-of-doors setting in Exeter. Presided over one such ceremony this past Friday. Congrats C & K!

Governor John Langdon House, Portsmouth, NH

Performed a Classic Ceremony for a wonderful couple at the historic site on Saturday. Around 100 guests were in attendance. The couple created their own vows, and read them to each other from small booklets. The ceremony was beautifully coordinated by Nicole, the wedding coordinator. Colors were navy blue, sage green, and gold. Best Wishes, Lucas & Lisa!

Three Chimneys Inn, Durham, NH

Just getting back from being out last week, but wanted to include the Custom Wedding Ceremony I performed for a great couple at the Inn last Saturday the 12th. The ceremony included a reading done by a friend, and a parent’s remembrance. Colors were grey and plum. Congrats Tim & Dana!

Hooksett, NH

Performed a Custom Wedding Ceremony for a great couple in Hooksett on Saturday afternoon. Their ceremony was unique for a few different reasons. First, it featured something called Statements of Appreciation. The Statements are similar to vows, but they differ in a very important way. While the vows give the couple a chance to pledge their love and fidelity to one another, the Statements give each of them the opportunity to say what it is about the other that is so special that they want to spend the rest of their lives with them – what they “appreciate” about them. The rings the couple exchanged were made by their young daughters – and they were beautiful and unique! The ceremony ended with a group photo. All-in-all, a lovely event! Colors were turquoise and ivory. Best Wishes Corey & Jenna!

Harris Pelham Inn, Pelham, NH

Performed a Classic Spiritual Wedding Ceremony for a wonderful couple at the Inn on Saturday morning. The wedding was schedule to be outside, but Mother Nature was not cooperating, so we held the ceremony indoors – which was fine, because the Inn has a beautiful room for wedding ceremonies. The ceremony included a Unity Candle, and a short song sung by the Bride and Groom. Color was navy blue. Best Wishes John & Susan!

Short Sands Beach Gazebo, York, Maine

Performed a Classic Wedding Ceremony for a great couple at Short Sands on Friday afternoon. The ceremony took place at the gazebo closest to the water, in front of that neat bell they have there. The bride showed up on the trolley with her bridesmaids accompanying her. A handful of family and friends attended. The Irish Blessing was included as a closing consecration. Colors were yellow and grey. Congratulations, Patrick & Mollie!