Great Island Common, New Castle, NH

Presided over a Spiritual Lite Wedding Ceremony for a nice couple at New Castle Common on Thursday afternoon. The ceremony took place out on the rocks toward the end of the pier. The bride and groom were accompanied by a handful of family and friends. All the best Jonathan & Rajha!

Andover Country Club, Andover, MA

Performed a Custom Wedding Ceremony and attended the rehearsal (on Thursday) for a great couple in front of about 150 family and friends at the Country Club on Friday evening. Colors were grey, slate blue, and silver. Congratulations Tony & Erin!

North Hampton, NH

Later on that Saturday afternoon, I performed a Spiritual Wedding Ceremony for a fantastic couple and their children in North Hampton. This ceremony featured a Puzzle Joining Ceremony that celebrated the union of the bride and groom and their children into one family. Each member of the family held a puzzle piece that fit into a specific place in the puzzle, and placed it in that spot on my cue, in essence, completing the puzzle. Here is the script used for that ceremony…


“Lisa and Mike, you are making a commitment to share the rest of your lives with each other and honor your children (Children’s Names) as well. Today, your family relationship will be symbolized through the placing of these individual puzzle pieces into our puzzle picture; One puzzle piece, representing you, Mike and all that you were, all that you are, and all that you will ever be, one puzzle piece representing you, Lisa, and all that you were and all that you are, and all that you will ever be; and another puzzle piece for each child.

These children will share in this marriage. The gathering of this new family will have a deep influence on them. We know that in order for a home to be a happy one, it is essential that there be love and understanding between the children and the adults being wed. As you each hold your puzzle piece the separate puzzle pieces represent your lives to this moment; individual and unique. As you combine puzzle pieces together in the puzzle, your lives also join together as one family.

You may now place your pieces in the puzzle symbolizing the uniting of the children and bride and groom into one.

Just as these puzzle pieces will never be separated from the larger puzzle picture, so will your marriage and your family be.”

The couple recited personalized vows. Colors were burgundy and navy. All the Best Mike & Lisa!



Manchester, NH

Wed a great couple in a Classic Spiritual Wedding Ceremony in front of about 30 of their family and closest friends on Saturday afternoon in Manchester. The weather was perfect and all enjoyed the ceremony. Best Wishes Robert & Michelle!

Wedgewood Weddings Granite Rose, Hampstead, NH

Performed a couple of weddings at the Granite Rose for great couples this weekend. It was nice weather for both. The first was a Custom Ceremony on Friday evening. Color was blue. The second was a Classic Wedding Ceremony on Sunday afternoon. Colors there were navy blue, green, and purple. Congratulations Travis & Erin and Bradlee & Jessica!

Marginal Way, Ogunquit, Maine

Performed a Classic Wedding Ceremony for a great couple on Marginal Way late Saturday afternoon in front of a small group of family and friends. The ceremony took place at the site of the mini lighthouse, so we had to walk a way from the Anchorage by the Sea Hotel where they were staying. The weather cooperated as it was mostly clear and mild with a light breeze. Colors were light pink and ivory. Best wishes Craig & Kristine!

Kingston, NH Recreation Center

Performed a Classic Wedding Ceremony for a great couple on the small beach behind Bolton’s Lake House Restaurant at the Rec Center in Kingston on Saturday. The couple’s two children had the honor of passing the rings to their parents during the ceremony. Congratulations Paul & Bonnie!

Short Sands, York Maine

Presided over a Lite Ceremony this past Saturday for a nice couple at the Short Sands gazebo area. All the Best Eddie & Adena!

Exeter, NH

Presided over a quick elopement ceremony at the McDonnell Conservation Area this past Saturday morning. They used a couple of beautiful handmade rings for the ring exchange. Best Wishes Tom & Katie!