McDonnell Conservation Area, Exeter

Married a great couple at the Conservation Area on Friday afternoon. The wedding was supposed to have taken place on Saturday, but the blizzard foiled our plans! Nevertheless, it was a wonderful ceremony! The couple was accompanied by the groom’s mom, who took photos. Despite all the cold weather we’ve had recently, the river was still partially flowing, though we couldn’t go right to the water’s edge to do the ceremony for safety reasons. All the best Andrew & Stephanie!

Exeter, NH

Married a great couple in a spiritual elopement ceremony at the Conservation Area on Tuesday. It was cold, but it didn’t feel as cold as we thought it might be ahead of time. All the Best J&K!

McDonnell Conservation Area, Exeter, NH

Presided over a quick elopement ceremony for a great couple at the Conservation Area last Thursday afternoon. The weather was pleasant for early January, and there still wasn’t any snow on the ground! Congratulations K & S!

Great Island Common, New Castle, NH

Presided over a Lite Spiritual Wedding Ceremony for a wonderful couple at the Common on New Year’s Eve afternoon. The couple was accompanied by a handful of family/friends, and the wedding took place on a high point overlooking the ocean. The weather was surprisingly mild for Great Island Common, where the wind in winter will often make it feel colder than it is. Happy New Year, and congratulations again Rick & Mindy!