Salem, NH

Presided over a quick Spiritual Wedding Ceremony for a great couple at their home yesterday. The bride’s mom attended via Skype. Best Wishes Joe & Kim!

Derry, NH

Married a wonderful couple in front of family and friends with a Classic Spiritual Wedding Ceremony in Derry this past Friday evening. The ceremony was preceded by the couple’s daughter playing a beautiful Christmas Carol on keyboard. Rings were presented by their son and daughter. Color was Red. The Groom’s parents attended via Skype from Tennessee. Best Wishes Mike & Debbie!

Stratham, NH

Performed a Classic Spiritual Ceremony for a great couple at a private residence in Stratham on Saturday afternoon. The travel was difficult due to the snow, so some guests couldn’t make it but it was a wonderful ceremony nonetheless! The setting was beautiful as the couple wed in a log home that was decorated nicely for the season. Congratulations Melvin & April!

Lion’s Club, Kittery, ME

It was REALLY cold Friday night, but the Lion’s Club in Kittery was warmed with the love of a newly married couple. I joined Josh & Elsa in holy matrimony in front of their closest family and friends. Their ceremony included the Exchange of Coins Ritual and The Lord’s Prayer. Best Wishes!

Ceremony Room

If you’ve been checking my posts, you’ll see I’ve done a lot of weddings in the Ceremony Room this holiday season and this past weekend was no exception. Starting on Thursday, I performed three elopement ceremonies in the Room. One of those ceremonies was on Friday for a couple whose Officiant didn’t show up for their ceremony 🙁 – I took them on the spur of the moment. On Saturday (snowstorm day) the Bride was carried through the snow to my doorstep by her heroic son! (our plow guy hadn’t come yet). All the weddings went well and we now have three more happily married couples in the world! Best Wishes Michael & Aliona, Nikolas & Paige, and Jaime & John!

Ceremony Room

Presided over a Lite Spiritual Wedding Ceremony in our Brentwood Ceremony Room last evening. The couple was accompanied by parents, and a son and daughter. I also had the privilege of declaring the groom and the bride’s daughter “Father and Daughter!” Best wishes David & Jackie!

Ceremony Room, Brentwood

Performed a Classic Wedding Ceremony for a great couple this past Saturday in our Ceremony Room. The couple was accompanied by a handful of friends and relatives. I took some pictures of the whole crew after the ceremony and then they were off to a reception at the couple’s home. Best of Luck Nicholas & Victoria!

Ceremony Room

Presided over a quick elopement ceremony with a nice couple yesterday evening in our newly decorated for Christmas Ceremony Room in Brentwood. Best Wishes Danielle & Joshua!