Alnoba, Kensington, NH

There is a new facility in Kensington called Alnoba, and it hosted its first wedding this past Saturday – and I was lucky enough to be able to perform the first wedding ceremony ever done there for a great couple in front of about 100 family and friends. The place is magnificent – you can read more about it on my site NH Justice of the Peace John Scuto. The ceremony was pretty good too! Colors were navy blue and black. Congrats Alfred & Jamie!

Prescott Park, Portsmouth, NH

The Formal Gardens were the site for a Classic Wedding Ceremony for a great couple on Saturday. Their reception was later held at the Library Restaurant. Colors were Burgundy & Creme. Congratulations John & Molly!

Derry-Salem Elks Lodge

Performed a Classic Ceremony for a delightful couple outside at the Elks Lodge in Salem, NH on Sunday evening. Interesting thing about that was that I didn’t know the Elks had a place to conduct a ceremony outside – oh well, live and learn! Congratulations Collins & Samantha!

Searles Castle, Windham, NH

Performed a Classic Wedding Ceremony for an awesome couple at the Castle on Sunday afternoon. The ceremony featured custom vows and a couple of very cute flower girls who, instead of coming up the center aisle during the processional, began to wander toward the venue exit instead! They were eventually guided back to the center aisle and the ceremony commenced without further incidence 😉 Colors were plum and goldish yellow. Best Wishes Michael & Heather!

South Church, Portsmouth

Performed a Classic Ceremony for a nice couple at the beautiful South Church on Saturday afternoon with my old friend and colleague Ernie Osborne of Acclaim Photography. Interesting thing about that was it was the second wedding we were performing together that day – although neither one of us realized that beforehand! Wedding colors were silver and black. Congratulations Ashley & Shawn!

Little Harbor Chapel, Portsmouth, NH

Coordinated the rehearsal on Friday and performed a Custom Wedding Ceremony on Saturday afternoon for a fabulous couple at Little Harbor Chapel. The ceremony included two readings by friends, custom vows read by the couple and, of course, the joyful ringing of the Chapel’s bell at the conclusion of the proceedings! This couple had a lot of fun during both the rehearsal and ceremony – you could tell there was a lot of joy in their hearts. Colors were navy blue, bluish pink, and ivory. Congratulations Jamie & Alex!

Great Island Common, New Castle, NH

Performed a Classic Spiritual Wedding Ceremony for a lovely couple at the Common on Saturday morning. The good news – we had the entire place to ourselves… the not so good news – it was because the weather just did not cooperate. It was rainy, cold and windy, but the couple’s love was enough to keep them, their friends, and the photographer and I warm! The ceremony featured two bible readings and a song on flute played by the groom. Colors were Autumn themed reds, yellows, and oranges. Best Wishes Carrol & Richard!

Candia Woods, Candia, NH

Performed a custom spiritual wedding ceremony for a wonderful couple at Candia Woods on Friday evening. The couple wrote special vows for each other, and I delivered an address on true and eternal love. Colors were orange & plum. Best Wishes Kaila & Cole!