The seating of the VIPs traditionally starts the ceremony. Who are the VIPs? Usually it is the mothers of the Bride and Groom and the Grandparents, but it can really be anyone you wish to honor in a special way.

Nature Of The Music For The Seating Of The VIPS

The music you chose for the prelude can certainly continue right through the seating of the VIPs, but it is a nice touch to select a special piece of music just for them. This piece should be different in nature than the prelude music, and perhaps played at a slightly higher volume. The difference will indicate to your guests that something special is happening - the ceremony is about to begin!

Solos And The Seating Of The VIPS

One caveat...if you have musicians, it would be best if a solo were not played during the seating of the VIPs, because you are trying to draw attention to them, and not away from them. The very nature of a solo draws the crowd's attention to the soloist(s), and away from the VIPs.

Two Separate Songs Can Be Used

It is possible to have two separate pieces for the seating of the VIPs. If this were the case, the additional piece would be for the seating of the mothers alone.

Some Suggestions For VIP Seating Songs

Here are some specific suggestions for the Seating of the VIPs...

Because You Loved Me - Celine Dion
Unforgettable - Nat King Cole or Nat King Cole with Natalie Cole
Save The Best For Last - Vanessa Williams
What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
Ave Maria - Franz Schubert
Ave Maria - Johann Sebastian Bach
Sheep May Safely Graze - Johann Sebastian Bach
Elvira Madigan Theme - Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Forever In Love - Kenny G.

In reality, you can take almost any of the instrumental prelude selections and use them for the seating of the VIPs as so...

1) You might transition from vocal prelude music into any of those instrumental pieces.
2) You could transition from New Age or Jazz Instrumentals into a Classical tune, or vice versa.
3) You can transition using music of the same genre from, for example, Classical instrumental piece to Classical instrumental piece, by simply raising the volume or changing the tempo of the music.

In Conclusion...

Special music for the seating of the VIPs can be wonderful. Use your creativity, and don't go overboard. You want to choose music with appropriate lyrics, music that fits your wedding's theme and/or mood, and music that is slightly, not dramatically, different than the prelude music. It is a step up from the prelude music, but a step removed (in tempo, volume, etc.) from the processional music that is to follow.

The VIPS have been seated, and now it's time for the processional! Here are some things to consider when choosing your Processional music.

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