Our Wedding Ceremony Creation Center consists of articles and other useful information on wedding ceremonies and the activities that make them up.
Use the Ceremony Creation Center to put together a unique and unforgettable ceremony!

Ceremonies for Different Seasons
Marriage ceremonies celebrating the four seasons.

Ceremonies for Religions & Cultures
Marriage ceremonies celebrating different religions & cultures.

Wedding Ceremony Order of Service
Here we present most of the major elements of a wedding ceremony in the general order (Order of Service) in which they occur. Clicking on the links to each element brings you to a multitiude of additional ceremony selections that can be used to make your wedding ceremony truly one-of-a-kind!

Bride & Groom University
Planning a wedding? Not sure what you're doing? At Bride & Groom University, we provide informational links to articles about everything you've ever wanted to know about weddings. Your education begins here!

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