Songs For Your Ceremony

A Guide to Selecting the Best Music
for Your Wedding Service


Out of all the events to celebrate your marriage, the wedding ceremony itself will probably be the most meaningful and, hopefully, memorable. Not to give short shrift to all the fun that the preparation can be, or to the reception, but it is true that the ceremony itself is the reason for the celebration!

Where To Begin Planning Your Ceremony

Many brides and grooms tell us that they don't know where to begin when planning the ceremony that is the centerpiece to their most important day. There are many great websites, celebrants, and wedding ceremony books that can assist you, and we'll mention some of them in other parts of our site.

Planning The Music

Part of planning your ceremony is choosing the music that will play a vital role in the ceremony. What we have discovered from performing and playing the ceremony music for many weddings is that couples will often find choosing the ceremony music difficult and intimidating... so much so, that they sometimes give up, choose a couple of traditional songs for the Processional and Recessional, and leave it at that. And, while that is certainly one choice which will work well for some couples, we have always felt the ceremony music can be so much more.

We know that not everyone is an expert in wedding ceremony music. In fact, before their own ceremony, most couples probably haven't given it much thought. And, with all of the other things that go into planning a wedding, the ceremony music is often put on the back burner. After all, it could take hours to choose just the right songs to enhance and enrich all of the different parts of your ceremony. And that is where our website comes in...

Our Site Is Here To Help

Music can enrich almost any event, and that is particularly true of a wedding! And you can certainly enrich your own ceremony with the beauty and grandeur of music, making it a true original, and one that your guests will remember for a long time. This site was designed with that in mind.

Let The Music Help To Define Your Big Day

The music you choose for your wedding ceremony is a reflection of you and your hopes and your dreams. In essence, the music you choose allows you to share an important part of yourself with your guests. It touches both you and them, and can bring you and your guests together.

Make your wedding day truly yours by choosing music that expresses who you, as a couple, are. Give your guests an unexpected surprise, and create a truly unique sound experience for them. And, when the ceremony is over, don't be surprised if your guests compliment you and remark on how your wedding was one of the best (if not the best!) they've ever been to.

Our Goal

This website is designed to be a guide for brides and grooms in choosing the music for their wedding ceremony. It can never be all inclusive, since new music is always being produced, and couples will always have their unique and very personal choices. Rather, its goal is to help make your choice of wedding ceremony music a bit easier, while providing you with the resources necessary to make your ceremony truly exceptional!

The sub-links in the Music and Resouces menu are some of the general topics we present on this site. Just click on a link to go to the page of your choice, or you can start by reading our articles on choosing your wedding ceremony music.

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