Whichever music you end up choosing for your Wedding Ceremony, there is one criteria that it should meet - it must reflect you. The music should be as unique as both you and your fiancé, and it should be as special as your relationship.

How Do I Know If The Music "Reflects" Me?

So what does it mean to choose music that "reflects you"? Certainly, our article on Brainstorming can help you to think about that. But we believe that, basically, it can be summed up in the following criteria...

If the music:

    1) Has personal meaning to you. (It is significant to your relationship or to you         in some special way)
    2) Has a special place in your heart. (It moves you emotionally or spiritually)
    3) Is personally pleasing. (i.e. You like it)
...then you more-or-less have it covered.

The Bottom Line In Choosing The Songs For Your Ceremony

If you are choosing a song for your ceremony that does not meet at least one of the above criteria, then you need to ask yourself why it is being chosen. If you can't come up with a good answer, then it may be time to reconsider.

This is your wedding. Put your own unique, personal stamp on the ceremony by choosing music that is YOU!

While choosing the music you want for your ceremony is important, equally important is deciding on the music you may not want. Read on to learn more about the music you don't want for your ceremony.

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