The bridal party has made its way down to the front of the assembly... The crowd stands... It's time for the Bride to process up the aisle to the altar! She may be alone, or she may be escorted by her father, an uncle, a good friend, or even the Groom, but one thing is for sure... she'll be accompanied by music!

One of the Most Meaningful and Memorable Parts of the Day

The Bride's entrance is one of the most meaningful and memorable moments of the day. It's for this reason that the song chosen for the Bride's processional is so important. It is the first notes of the processional song that announce the arrival of the Bride, and inform the guests to stand.

How To Use A Fanfare

As mentioned on other pages of our site, you may want to consider a "fanfare" just prior to the bride's processional song itself. A fanfare is a short (10 to 20 second) but lively/rousing air played on brass (usually trumpets). It heralds the arrival of the bride.

If one is going to use a fanfare, it usually works in this way: As the bridal party (all but the Bride) makes its way up the aisle, the doors in the back of the site are closed in front of the Bride. When the bridal party have all arrived at the front of the assembly, the music is stopped for a few seconds. As the trumpet fanfare begins, the doors are opened to reveal the beautiful bride. She begins to make her way up the aisle when the fanfare ends and the main bridal processional song begins. This makes for a very dramatic and unforgettable entrance!

Another Step Up

As mentioned elsewhere on our site, the Bride's processional song is a step above the Bridal Party's. It should probably be even a bit higher in volume than the Bridal Party's processional, and even a bit more grand.

Bridal Entrance Song Candidates

Here are some songs that work well for the Bride's processional. Just click on the song titles to listen to some samples:

Rigaudon - Andre Campra
Sunrise, Sunset - From "Fiddler On The Roof"
Chapel Of Love - Dixie Cups
My Baby Just Cares For Me - Nina Simone
A Whiter Shade Of Pale - Procol Harum
Un Bel Di - Giacomo Puccini
Wedding Processional from "The Sound Of Music" - Rodgers & Hammerstein
Reminiscent Joy - Tim & Ryan O'Neill 
Bridal Chorus - Richard Wagner
Sleepers Awake - Johann Sebastian Bach
The Prince Of Denmark's March - Jeremiah Clarke
The Rain Song - Led Zeppelin

Again, as you can see, these selections come from popular tunes, showtunes, and classical tunes. Be creative. If you end up choosing a vocal piece, make sure the lyrics are appropriate and meaningful to you. There is almost no argument that Classical Music is the most regal and majestic, Popular Songs may be the most fun, and Broadway Tunes could be the most romantic, so certainly base your choices on the mood you are trying to set.

Finally, as mentioned in a previous page on this website, don't dismiss the possibility of being escorted in by bagpipers in kilts. This is a particularly appropriate and stunning entrance for an Irish or Scottish Celtic wedding.

The bride has arrived at the front, and is with her groom. Now it's time to begin the formal marriage ceremony. Contrary to popular belief, the ceremony does not have to be constant words and activity... it can be a place for stand alone musical pieces. These pieces are called interludes, and we've devoted a special page of our site to them. So, let's find out a bit more about these musical interludes.

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