Toasts, vows, speeches, readings - at weddings there are a lot of times where just the right words can mean a world of difference.

Perfect Your Ring Exchange Wording With These Examples
Whether you’re looking for something traditional to say as you exchange rings or you want to make a modern statement, here are some ring exchange wording samples to inspire you. Read On...

Raise Your Glass: 60 Marriage Quotes for Toasts, Vows, or Cards 
Come wedding day, there are plenty of people picking up the mic. And while we love to see the creative genius that comes out in a quality wedding toast, we understand if you need a few wise words to fill in the cracks. And, if you’re looking for a marriage quote that will inspire guests to clink champagne glasses, you came to the right place. Read On...

Wedding Words to Know and Use in Your Invitations, Vows, or Cards
With so many different elements that make up the perfect celebration, weddings come with a language all of their own. This guide takes you through the wedding words that matter most, along with some suggestions on wording to use inside a wedding card.

Wedding Wordsmithery: Send the Happy Couple These Wedding Wishes
Knowing what to write in a wedding card can be a tricky process. You want it to be heartfelt and personal, yet you don’t want your wedding wishes to be too over the top. You want to sound natural, friendly, sincere — most of all, you want to sound like you. Learn More...

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