Weddings can be expensive. That may be the understatement of the year! To help you negotiate the financial waters, we provide some articles and educational links from around the web.


$1 Wedding Favor Ideas
Planning a wedding on a budget, as many of us do, calls for some creativity and a little D.I.Y. Adding extra details to your special day doesn’t have to be costly. Simple favors, when packaged creatively, can still ‘wow’ your guests. More..

5 Money Saving Tips for Weddings
Here are five quick money saving tips to help you stay under budget.

Breakdown of the Price of a Wedding
Making a budget plan for the wedding expenses should be one of the first steps in planning a wedding. This article gives a breakdown of different wedding costs. Learn More...

Engagement Ring Insurance
How to insure your engagement ring and make sure you find the right policy for you. 

How to Create a Wedding Budget
Determining your wedding budget might be a little tricky, but this number will affect every decision and purchase you’ll make, so it’s important to work out your budget so you have a realistic picture about what you can spend.

Saving Money with Off Season Dates and Times
There are plenty of opportunities to save money on your wedding. Find out a few here...

Three Budget-Friendly Wedding Favor Ideas
The best thing about candy is that even though it has a timeless, well-loved flavor, it won’t break the bank. More...

Wedding Budget Saving Tips
There are several things you can do that will help you save hundreds of dollars on your special day. Read on...

What Wedding Cakes Cost
Many couples are caught off guard when it comes to what a wedding cake actually costs. To help you keep your budget on track, here's the scoop on how cake-pricing typically works. More...

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