Choosing music for a wedding ceremony often takes a back seat to other, more concrete activities like choosing the flowers, and the bride's and bridesmaids' gowns. Perhaps this is because it seems so transient and intangible.

After all, everyone will see and admire a beautiful gown and flowers, but you really can't see music. Yet, even though it can't be seen, like the soul, it can be admired, and the auditory sense can touch us as deeply, if not more deeply than anything visual. Indeed, music is the invisible, yet so powerful, soul of the ceremony.

Music Enriches a Ceremony

Think about how music enhanced the last movie you saw. Even if it is in the background of a scene, music enhances, indeed it intensifies, everything about the scene. Music has the power, just as in a movie, to highlight the special parts of your ceremony while enhancing the deeper emotional meaning of your special day. Think of how many great songs have come from movie soundtracks, and you only begin to get an idea of how music can impact almost anything it touches. And, it can do the same for your ceremony.

Music Organizes, Personalizes, And Adds A Flowing Gracefulness To The Ceremony

Music has the power to tie all of the different parts of the wedding together, providing flow, while creating the atmosphere you desire. It allows you to express wonderful sentiments to all of your family and friends, while also expressing your own very unique personalities and souls. In fact, your ceremony music can set the tone for the entire day, and will probably do more than even the setting to create the mood and spirit of your wedding.

Music Provides Memories

And from that day on, when you hear some of those special songs you chose, you'll remember that very special time. When you play your wedding video or DVD years from now, the music will be playing in the background like a soundtrack, enhancing your viewing experience and helping you to relive the romance of that wonderful day. That music will provide you with memories for the rest of your life.

That is something that your flowers probably won't do!

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