Three Chimneys Inn, Durham, NH

Wed a great couple in a Classic Wedding Ceremony in front of about 80 guests in the Lower Garden at Three Chimneys Inn in Durham on Saturday afternoon. The ceremony included a ring warming and personalized vows. Here are the words to the ring warming…

“Before we begin our ceremony, I’d just like to announce that

we will all be participating in a ring warming service.


Zach and Jo’s Wedding Rings are going to be passed to each of you

as the ceremony takes place.

When the rings are passed to you, “warm” them

by holding them in your hands for a moment

and offer a silent prayer, blessing, or spiritual sentiment,

wishing Jo and Zach health, happiness, and a wonderful future together.

Then pass the rings to the person next to you.

Our goal is to for them to make it back up here to the Mother of The Bride.

When returned, these rings will contain in their precious metals

your love and pledge of support for their union.

And Zach and Jo will from this day forward be wearing their rings

knowing that their loved ones had prayed for their wellbeing

and the success of their marriage,

and that those blessings are contained in their rings.”

All the Best Jo & Zach!