Nubble Lighthouse, York, Maine

Presided as Minister for a Classic Spiritual Ceremony with custom vows for a great couple at the Light this past Sunday morning. Although it was supposed to be a hot day, it was comfortably cool courtesy of the Maine sea breezes providing heat relief. About 20 were in attendance. The Nubble Light has a few larger rocks that the bridal couple and I can step out onto for the ceremony while the guests stay closer to the “mainland.” And that was the case on Sunday as we found the perfect boulder for the couple, their children, and me to stand on for the ceremony. One tip… If you’re thinking of getting married at Nubble Light in summer, the parking can be difficult. What my couple did was make reservations at Fox’s Lobster House restaurant (located right next to Nubble’s public parking area) for immediately after the ceremony. They were then able to use the restaurant’s parking lot and avoid the parking headaches for themselves and their guests. All the best Doug & Michelle!