Why Bride & Groom University?

We meet with lots of couples, all of them different. Despite their differences, there is one fairly consistent theme we see with them - most of our couples don't have a clue about what they're doing or "supposed to be" doing in regard to planning the different aspects of their wedding.

The evidence for this usually shows up when we begin asking them questions about their upcoming big day, and they answer us with the phrase that goes something like this... "This is the first time we're doing this, so we don't really know what we're supposed to do."

We empathise with them. We were there once ourselves. In fact, the development of Songs For Your Ceremony was in direct response to those couples who needed help with choosing the music for their wedding. As time has passed and we've gotten to work with and know many couples, we've come to discover that music isn't the only thing they need help with. And, unfortunately, in some cases, we have seen some less-than-scrupulous vendors who take advantage of this naivety.

Again, unfortunately, our knowledge is limited to music and some of the activities that take place in the ceremony and reception, so in many cases, we can't help our couples directly with some of their most pressing questions regarding, for example, wedding fashion, finances, and etiquette. So, in response to that, we have developed Bride & Groom University.

Education is a big deal for us here at SFYC (can you tell from the website?), and there is good information available on the net to help you plan all aspects your wedding. We've taken the initiative to try to locate some of the best educational articles on the web and bring them all together in one place. (A lot better than a Google search - no offense to Google, we love them - but some of the things that show up in search results are, shall we say, of not such great quality).

We've taken a look at hundreds of articles and other educational links and included them in the University. Clicking on the section links will take you to these articles, and your education can begin in earnest.

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