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There are lots of activities that can make up a marriage ceremony. However, there are usually very few requirements. In New Hampshire, for example, the only requirements (besides a marriage certificate) of a marriage ceremony are...

1) the Celebrant must hear you say that you want to marry each other (the "I do's"), and,
2) he or she must then pronounce you married ("Congratulations, you are now married!").

Of course, most couples want more than that - and sometimes much more! Our Wedding Ceremony Events and Activities page addresses many of the important events that can make up a marriage ceremony, and offers you helpful and creative ideas and resources that can help you plan a wedding with memories that will last a lifetime!

Giving Roses to VIPs

It's always nice to recognize those people who are supporting you in your life as a couple. One way to do this during the ceremony is to present them with a rose as a symbol of your love, gratitude and respect.

Opening Words for a Wedding Ceremony

Whenever people come together for a formal occasion, some words are needed to "call the meeting to order". The Opening Words of the ceremony are what your Celebrant or Officiant will use to do this, while also stating the purpose of the gathering.

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