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BRIDE & GROOM UNIVERSITY: Honor Attendant & Other VIPs School

Here, we present some well-written articles and other educational links from across the web that address the important topic of your honor attendants and other VIPs who participate in your wedding processional and ceremony.


Choosing One's Wedding Attendants

There are four basic questions you should ask yourself when choosing wedding attendants. More...


Considering a Female "Best Man"

Wedding etiquette has changed through the decades. Any bride can wear white, pets can be part of the wedding ceremony, and, lately, grooms don't hesitate to ask their favorite female friend to be their "best man". More...

How to Choose Your Best Man

For many grooms, choosing a Best Man is a no-brainer. There's one family member or friend who immediately comes to mind when considering this all-important honor and there's no question as to who will be named to this job. For others, the task is a little more difficult, compounded by multiple brothers and scores of "best" friends, all of whom deserve the job for one reason or another. More...

Duties to Hand-off to Your Best Man

If you've been asked to be the Best Man at the wedding of a relative or close friend, you no doubt feel honored to be included in such a special way. It's a title that means a lot to many people. However, it also carries a great deal of responsibility, especially as the wedding day draws closer. More...


Bridesmaids Duties and Responsibilities

The duties of a bridesmaid varies in different parts of the country and in different cultures, but there are some basic duties that hold true regardless. More...


Groomsmen Qualifications

For some women, the choosing of their bridesmaids is something they've been thinking about for years. For the groom, however, time spent thinking about who will be the groomsmen "someday" at their wedding is less likely. Nonetheless, the choice of appropriate groomsmen is important and good choices can help make the day run smoothly. More...

Personalized Groomsmen Gifts

For the groom, his groomsmen are often his supporters, those who help him keep calm and retain his sense of humor, even when the day and its planning seem overwhelming. That's why it's important to honor them with a unique present that demonstrates just how much you appreciate the fact that they committed to being part of this momentous occasion - one you'll remember for a lifetime. More...


Wedding Tips - Flower Girls

There is little doubt as to the adorable factor of a flower girl in a beautiful gown on a wedding day. Unfortunately, there is also little doubt as to the high price of purchasing many flower girl dresses available on the market today. However, there is hope for finding some affordable flower girl dresses, leaving you with one less worry for your pocketbook. More...


Wedding Tips - Ring Bearers

There's no doubt that one of the most darling aspects of the wedding procession is watching the ring bearer go down the aisle. Every ring bearer needs a ring bearer pillow to complete his outfit. Here's how you make a ring bearer pillow out of ribbons and lace. More...


Wedding Tips - Mothers of the Bride & Groom

>Wedding planning and celebrations have numerous etiquette requirements that have evolved over the years. If you're not sure what is appropriate and what isn't, read our guide to find out dress etiquette rules for mothers of the wedding couple. More...


Wedding Tips - Fathers of the Bride & Groom

Toasts, gift ideas, honoring the dads, keeping them involved. More...

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