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Ok, so you've never been a groom before. Or, maybe you have, but you didn't make the most of the opportunity. Have no fear. We're here to help you get it right with some great articles and educational links from around the web so you can live up to your role. What's that you say? You haven't popped the question yet? No problem... we have some articles about that too. Now, go make us proud!


A Guide to the Groom's Duties

It's not unusual to hear people proclaim that a wedding is "the bride's special day". And while many acquiesce to many of the bride's wishes, many have chosen to become much more involved in the planning of both the ceremony and the parties that surround it, including any pre-wedding dinners and the reception. That said, the groom may opt to take on a number of different responsibilities but, traditionally, there are still a number of duties that belong specifically to him. More...

Groom's Guide to Planning a Honeymoon

Some couples plan their honeymoon together, but in many cases, the groom grabs the reins and surprises the bride with an exciting trip to a great destination. More...

How to Really Know if it's Time to Propose

How do you know it's the right time for you to pop the question that determines the rest of your life? More...

Most Embarrassing Wedding Proposal Rejections

Ultimately, no one wants to be embarrassed when they ask for an eternal hand in marriage, but it happens... More...

Top 5 Most Romantic Wedding Proposals

Wedding proposals are as varied as the brides and grooms themselves. Some of the most romantic proposals involve serious planning... More...

Skipping the Diamond Engagement Rings: 5 Weird Ways People Have Proposed

Here are five unique and sometimes ridiculous marriage proposal stories that skipped the diamond ring tradition. More...

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